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hairspiration's Journal

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hair inspiration


A community for people to post pictures of people with beautiful hair. Anything hair related that is inspirational will also be approved. Pictures must be of people, please do not try posting pictures of your dog's cute new ponytail or what not. Such entries will be rejected. Anyone can post as long as you are a member. So join the community for posting access. All posts are moderated unless you're really awesome and get pre-approved!! Also, friend the community to keep up with updates!


1. Make sure your post includes at least one picture. If not, you better make sure that your text-only post is enough to inspire others to want to have beautiful hair.

2a. This is not a place to ask for hair help. (i.e Does this conditioner really work? or Which shampoo is the most effective in treating dry hair?) Any such text-only posts will be rejected immediately.
2b. Advice posts on how you should cut your hair will be rejected from now on. Any advice posts will be rejected, simply put.

3. Be cautious and courteous when posting pictures both of others and yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you. If someone asks a picture you posted to be removed, please do so. If you do not comply to their wishes your post will be deleted with little warning.

4. Make sure to add a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning on all posts that contain nudity, partial nudity etc.

5. If you have more than 3 images, please give one preview image and leave the rest of the images under the LJ cut. (How To lj-cut)

6. No drama, please! If you don't like the pictures someone is posting, or if you have a personal conflict with another member please take the drama elsewhere. Respect everyone and what they choose to post. If you don't like what you see, just leave. No need to start an argument

7. No external links in the post.

Please note: If your post gets rejected be sure to read comments as to why that happened. You may just have to edit the post and then you can repost. An easy way to avoid this is to read the rules completely before posting

What to post?

+inspirational things related to hair which can be in the form of pictures or even videos.
+amazing hair transformations
+hair products (before & after)
+people with beautiful hair
+your hair (be prepared to face criticism. not everyone may like it)
+pretty hair accessories you/others used

go ahead and surprise me with anything else you can think of!

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